Ami Orchestra & Entertainment Show Description


Ami Orchestra has a custom of treating the whole family, royally. Chirag Thakkar’s trademark intimate style of compeering as a family member makes all the guests feel at more than home. All relatives from Grandparents (Nana-Nani, Dada-Dadi) TO Uncle-Aunts (Kaka-Kaki, Fua-Foi, Mama-Mami, Masa-Masi) and from siblings (brothers-sisters) TO younger generations (nephews-nieces), everybody get their due importance when we act hosts on your behalf. Do you think the brackets are still necessary. Moreover our pioneering style of marriage songs which have a pinch of hindi (wedding) songs amidst the traditional numbers is much appreciated by all communities of Gujarat. Having witnessed almost 7000 plus marriages during the past two decades, we know the importance of timing the traditional songs and relevant speech during each rituals of a wedding. All customs of Indian marriage like ‘Jaan Swagat’, ‘Pokhvanu’, ‘Kanya Padhravo’ (bride welcome), ‘Hast Melap’, ‘Mangal Phera’, ‘Kansar’ and ‘Viday’ etc. are matched with pertinent songs making the occasion charming. Our group of 7 artists including singers (2 female, 1 male), 4 musicians and sound system will definitely make you enjoy the real fun of attending an Indian Wedding. For a Mehendi Show, we perform traditional songs in Gujarati as well as Mehendi songs from Hindi movies. We also serve some good melodious Hindi and Gujarati songs and ghazals to grace the function. We can also organize some popular games like "Musical Housie" & ‘Musical Antakshari’ wherein the host family can get involved.


Taking the conventional Orchestra show a step further, Ami Orchestra has implemented an innovative and elegant style of celebrating your special occasion like wedding reception. Party songs as well as assorted latest movie songs. Our sensible selection of songs can make you dance or take you to the Golden Era of Love & Romance. We can also provide D.J. music with M.C. Our “Royal Harmony” show is the best option you have if you want to go for a graceful and refined appearance and a melodious evening.


Instrumental music supplements an elegant function. If you are hosting a stylish yet poised corporate event/Wedding Reception or if you do not wish electrifying singing to distract your gathering, you may consider our ace Instrumental Show. Our team is composed of dedicated, trained and professional musicians who are highly talented and well versed with the nuances of musical notes. All our musicians are endowed with inborn flair for music.


Ami Orchestra is well known for its excellence in such shows. With out-of-the-box thinking, our versatile team of 8-10 artists can liven up any musical evening by playing a plethora of Gujarati and Hindi Filmy and Non-filmy songs. As an expert with knowledge of the present trends, our objective is to work diligently to assist you in making your event a memorable one. We work seamlessly and even assist you with professional choreographers to meet the dancing aspirations of your family members. A thorough analysis of our clients' needs and provision of customized services sets us apart from our competitors. I think this is an understood part.. still if you feel, you can keep. We not only perform songs as per our customers’ desires, but we also yearn to add more glitter to your event by doing things differently. Orchestra we offer following attractions: Singers (Female & Male) Anchor (Male/Female) Professional Dance Group Dance Acts Like Bubble Act, Quick Dress Change, Belly Dance 4 way Sound System (Line Array) Intelligent Stage Effect Lightings on Truss(Sharpy, Beams, Laser, Scanners, Moon, Strobe, Fog, Etc…) Laughter Artist Blasts (If Outdoor) Pyro Effects Fire Effects


Ami Orchestra has a popular track of providing heart throbbing and foot tapping music to the Garba lovers of Gujarat. Our diverse (4 way) Line Array sound outputs of base, mid and highs as well intelligent Lightings on Truss have compelled millions of feet to dance all the night through. As for Garba Shows during family functions, we provide a full group consisting of 10 artists including 4 singers (2 male, 2 female) and 6 musicians. Besides performing the traditional Gujarati Garba, Duha Chhand etc., we spice up your evening with famous and catchy hindi songs and can also include your family program (Parody, Fusion, Skit etc.) In short we are committed to deliver scintillating performance to suit the need of the hour.

Harmony Shows ::

Best for wedding receptions, wedding anniversaries & corporate Events.


Our singers who are well versed with the nuances of Bhakti Sangeet try to restore our belief in Light after Death. We host a heartfelt Shraddhanjali show with proper acoustics in an attempt to pray to the Lord to grant the departed soul eternal bliss. We also try and appraise the condolence gathering about the good deeds accomplished by the deceased so as to mark an example for them to emulate. Our refined collection of Gujarati and Hindi Bhajans will be a humble attempt to understand the cyclic process of our sheer existence. Innumerable Gujarati, Jain, Marwari, Sindhi and families of many other communities of South Gujarat have trusted Chirag us to recite soul touching devotional songs as Shraddhanjali or to commemorate death anniversaries of their beloved ones.