jayObama Hindi Song from India with Choose To Unite

Obama Hindi Song From India, with the kind support and co-operation of Susan Slotter and all the contributors from the Choose To Unite music video

THE VOICE AGAINST TERRORISM, Message to whole world from India

Millions of innocent people and thousand of cops have lost their lives, fighting terrorism but the thirst for human blood of the creators and fumigators of terrorists has not been quenched so far. In today's world, terrorism does not only affect a handful of nations. The roots of this vice are profoundly spread in each and every country. Be it India, Afghanistan, USA, U.K., Spain, Palestine, or any other country in the world. Better late than never, we think its high time now. We need to answer the terrorists who are having fun with their guns and bombs. We need to BE THE CHANGE, and not just ask for it. Just talking about terrorism and doing nothing is not going to solve this problem. How many lives should we loose? How much blood should we sacrifice to these monsters? We common people are too strong, its just the matter to awaken our souls, and we as young musicians have taken a small step to bring awareness amongst YOUNGISTAN - the young blood of this world that, y

Dusra Gandhi (Anna Hazare) - Video Song Supporting Anti Corruption.

This video song is an humble attempt by musicians of Surat, Gujarat (India) to show our support towards the anti-corruption movement initiated by Shri Anna Hazare.